Inês Armada Brás


Who am I?

Project Manager, GDG Lisboa Organizer, Women Techmakers Portugal Booster, voluntary IT Trainer, self proclaimed activist.

I'm a passionate about sharing knowledge that goes way beyond GDG, promoting the fight against info-exclusion & social-exclusion, but also a convicted herbivore, a knowledge sponge, cybersecurity fan, noobie & evangelist.

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Project Management APR - 2018 Agile Principles and Methodologies - Skillsoft

Project Management MAR - 2018 Introduction to Project Management (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition) - Skillsoft

Angular JAN - , 2018 Angular Kickstart Bundle - Angular Fundamentals + Angular Pro - online platform Ultimate Angular (not finished,yet)

NativeScript FEV, 2018 NativeScript 101: A Quickstart to Building Mobile Apps - 5 hours - online platform Udemy.

Nanodegree SEP-NOV, 2016 Front End Web Developer Nanodegree - 250 hours - online platform Udacity. The projects developed over the course and their evaluations are available here.

JavaScript JUNE, 2016 Let’s Learn JavaScript - Hosted and attended this with the duration of 2 weeks - Google Developer Group Lisboa

Android APRIL, 2016 StudyJams: Android for beginners - 2 weeks - Google Developer Group

Java SEP, 2015 Introduction to Java Programming – Part 1 - 5 weeks - online platform EdX (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

SoftSkills APRIL, 2015 International Exchange under the Project BRIDGE - Building Relations for Improving the Dialogue between Generations through Education - in Czech Republic - This project is the result of an application to the European Commission Grundtvig program, by Rato-ADCC

Python 2 MAY, 2014 Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python - 9 weeks - online platform Coursera (Rice University)

Graphic Design APRIL, 2014 Digital Image Editing (Photoshop + CorelDRAW) - 20 hours - Rato-ADCC

SoftSkills FEB, 2014 BLS course (basic life support) - 6 hours - Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon

SoftSkills FEB, 2014 Training for Informatics Trainers Rato-ADCC

Bachelor degree in Computer Science ISEL – Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa - Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon (not finished)

Programming (Java, C) Data Structures and Algorithms (C/C++), Electronics, Signal transmission, SQL Server Databases, Economics, Quality Management and Project Evaluation


Check my CV (pdf) for more info

Yes, I am aware that this was a lazy answer.


Udacity FrontEnd Web Developer Nanodegree Projects

Between September and November 2016 I did an online course through Udacity platform - Front End Web Developer Nanodegree. It was an enriching experience in which I had the opportunity to improve my knowledge of front-end development, learning new techniques and tools. These are the projects over the 6 modules of the course, with the revisions.

HTML CSS Bootstrap JavaScript jQuery OOP Web Performance KnockoutJS third-party APIs JavaScript Testing


This portfolio was also a project from the Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree. The task was to replicate a design mockup in HTML and CSS and develop a responsive website that displays images, descriptions and links to each of the portfolio projects completed throughout the course of the Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree.

Other Projects

Newspapers & +

Adobe InDesign Adobe Photoshop